HIPAA Compliance Benefits

  • Perform a faster, more thorough Information Security Risk Assessment across dozens – even hundreds of sites
  • Manage online and offline data gathering for HIPAA Core Measures with a central repository for documentation
  • Enables turnkey Third Party Security (TPS) Assessments with real-time gap analysis
  • Generate actionable, real-time reports to monitor compliance levels
  • Accommodations for Future Changes in HIPAA with automatic updates to all control templates from M-Theory Group
  • The Private Cloud Anywhere Solution (CaaS) satisfies all geographic requirements

PCI Compliance Benefits

  • By accelerating the audit pace, risk exposure is minimized.
  • Implementing cutting-edge security measures reduces risk and minimizes cost.
  • Size agnostic produces greater ability to understand and resolve compliance issues.
  • Allow the Security Standards Council to dictate the specifics of your Cloud solution… CaaS can deliver.

SOX Compliance Benefits

  • Audit cost reduction through an understanding of applicability of similar issues across differing compliance standards and processes.
  • Streamlined implementation process reduces time and money.
  • Our audits reduce risk and cost for large and small enterprises.


Compliance with certification standards is the foundation for risk mitigation in modern business. The inability to comply with such standards will seriously impact business sustainability.

HIPAA Compliance


The ability to customize and deliver a highly complex Private Cloud Anywhere solution makes M-Theory’s CaaS model the most compliant option in the industry.

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, organizations that process and/or maintain healthcare-related information are federally mandated to demonstrate compliance for the security of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) added provisions that extended HIPAA Security requirements not only to business associates, but to subcontractors as well. M-Theory Consulting Group’s unique HIPAA compliance template comes pre-mapped to appropriate assessment areas such as applications, departments, business associates, infrastructure elements, and more.

HIPAA Compliance Features

  • Eliminate the complexity of HIPAA Compliance
  • Assessment templates come with predefined, robust controls based on HIPAA best practices, cross-referenced with NIST guidelines. Select only those controls you wish to include in your assessment or modify/add your own controls quickly and easily.
  • Workflow that mirrors ANY existing process
  • Dynamic workflow bends to meet your most complex processes, not vice versa. Map virtually every aspect of your current workflow processes into M-Theory Consulting Group. Upon completion, the process can automatically be passed to others for review or additional input.
  • Achieve more accurate results
  • Achieve the highest degree of accuracy with M-Theory Group’s relationship-driven technology. MTCG draws a relationship between the ePHI findings on a given server to identify its possible effect on the control requirements of the room in which it resides. The moment ePHI findings for this server are entered and the relationships are identified, MTCG adjusts the appropriate criticality levels, control requirements, and compliance evaluation automatically.
  • Deliver real-time, actionable reporting
  • M-Theory Group 50+, unique roll-up/drill-down reporting delivers actionable information to key stakeholders. Organizations can also launch their own custom reports, either in Microsoft SSRS and/or Crystal reports, directly from MTCG. All data entered into MTCG is immediately available for consumption by MTCG’s analytic engines, reporting structures and dashboards within the application giving end-users access to real-time data.

PCI Compliance


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was designed to protect merchants and customers using credit cards from the theft of credit card information by maintaining a secure environment during the purchase process. Instituted on September 7, 2006, the goal of the process is to improve payment account security during the transaction process and avoid security breaches. We have streamlined the compliance process without taking any shortcuts to compliance.

PCI Compliance Features

  • Expedited audit of transaction process.
  • Advanced Security measures implemented to avoid breaches.
  • Ability to work with all four levels of merchants.

SOX Compliance


By leveraging CapEx-as-a-Service™ – each and every environment is built one client at a time.

Enacted by the US Congress in 2002, and formally known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act, SOX, to which it is commonly referred, is the gold standard and basis for most other legal compliance standards. The primary goal of the legislation requires that top company management individually certifies the accuracy of the financial information that the company publishes. Additionally, SOX forces Boards of Directors and third-party auditors to confirm the accuracy of those financial statements as well. Not only do we understand the implications of the methodologies for satisfying a SOX audit, but, moreover, we know how SOX interacts with and affects other corporate compliance measures.

SOX Compliance Features

  • M-Theory’s “have it your way” approach applies SOX principles to this and other appropriate compliance certification standards.
  • Engineering resources understand the IT implications of the audit process and implementation of correct procedures in rendering accurate, automated information.
  • Our flexible approach applies to non-public entities as well.