M-Theory Group Launches New Web Site

Fast Growing disruptive Technology Company Launches new web site

Los Angeles, CA – M-Theory Group (http://www.M-TheoryGrp.com) announced today that they have launched their new website. M-Theory invites visitors to navigate through an array of new product offerings, disruptive concepts and innovative strategies. Their objective is to provide critical product awareness and introduce the evolution of M-Theory.

Chant Vartanian, CEO of M-Theory, comments “Exciting things are happening at M-Theory! We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new website. This medium will allow us to showcase our ingenuity and innovation. We are very passionate about our business and our model. We have been in stealth mode for the last couple of years so it is very exciting for me and the rest of our team to finally be able to shout about what we are doing. We feel fortunate to have had dedicated clients that have supported us throughout the years. We are grateful for our achievements, but we have only just begun.”

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